Time to Get Strength Through Weakness !

“In my weakness you have been so strong.” – Decyfer Down ‘Scarecrow’

When is the last time as a man, you have admitted that you were weak?  No way why would you do that, that is not what men do, we just suck it up and move on… right?

Imagine a world where you come home from a hard day at work and can just give in to the urge to scream, yell, cry and pout with no judgment no embarrassment.  Guess what you can, no matter if you are married or single, you are never alone in the battle of being a man.  We have the opportunity everyday to start anew and unburden ourselves in the cross and claim the healing power that was promised by the way that holds us up when we are weak. 

Abandon the macho persona for a moment, open your mind to open your heart and open a Bible.  In the words of our father there is everlasting life, forgiveness and understanding.  Regardless of what your friends, your bro’s say about it a man that is able to forgive himself enough to open the Word and dive in is more manly, mature and strong than anyone trying to make it through this life alone.

Open up the Book, put the armor of Christ on and you will feel a freedom and renewed energy that will enable you to lead your family, friends and community in ways you never could have dreamed of.  Put your hands up and give in to the healing power of the Word, quit fighting the war inside your heart.  Release the pride, draw the battle line, prepare for the rising tide, take the sword of faith up and stand strong.

“At some point, we all face a point in our lived when our shame is laid bare for all to see.  If we’re lucky, someone comes to our aid, shows us grace.” –  Jeff Goins ‘Wrecked’

In our moments of weakness we feel we must hide our shame and bury ourselves behind a manly facade.  We are afraid to show weakness even when we are breaking as we are the ones that are supposed to be leading and remain steadfast.  Lord forbid that we may appear weak as that will reflect upon our innate masculinity and we cannot allow that, what would our wives think of us? 


They would think you were human, they would think you were in touch with your feelings, which by the way is not such a bad thing.  Imagine the world being turned upside down when your wife walks in and finds you reading your bible or on your knees humbled rather than being a couch potato watching SportsCenter or even worse. Imagine if your addiction to your phone was so you could read the latest YouVersion verse or post on Manup rather than ESPN scores and Facebook updates.

Humble yourself before the Lord, your wife, friends, neighbors and others, make your life about serving and you will become the man you think you are.  Be a symbol of the Gospel in your actions at work, on the road and even behind closed doors.  Become a Man of God that is strong when weak, powerful through the Word, and honorable in all things through your Lord and Savior.


As always I welcome your comments, treasure my readers, and believe in you and everything you do!


Happy New YOU 2014!

Once again we are burdened with the finality of another year; it is gone and done with all the blessings and messings we must move on.  Many of us will make New Year’s resolutions today to fulfill tomorrow and break by January 31st if not sooner.  While we let 2013 go out with a bang or a whimper (you decide) we welcome the New Year of 2014 with open arms ready for new beginnings.  Here is some food for thought as you countdown the clock tonight..

◇ Become the person where the mirror does not scream in horror each day.

◇ Be a little kinder to those you pass by, they may be having a worse day than you.

◇ Use a friendly wave or the sign of the cross rather than the middle finger when someone cuts you off..Blessing them on their way.

◇ Read more books that will benefit your life spiritually, financially or emotionally rather than magazines and other smut based on sleazy dreams and lives of people you will never be.

◇ Instead of watching the news that is full of negativity use that time to spend with your family the headlines, weather and sports reports will be there to catch up on at any time.

◇ Feeling a bit empty, try filling someone else’s life, whether at a soup kitchen, giving your time to your favorite charity or just taking the time to be interested in the welfare and well being of someone that can never repay you.

◇ If you have been away from church, find one, if you are part of one, be a part of it and not just a bystander in the pew.

◇ Compliment rather than complain, you will be amazed at the energy you will feel being positive towards your life and those in it.

◇ Write.. write and write some more, empty your soul on the pages of a journal, a blog wherever, no one should carry all that weight alone.  

◇ Stretch yourself a little more, challenge your comfort zone, whether it be lacing up your shoes for a 5k, starting a new business or blog, forgiving someone that hurt you, whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable..Go for it until you rock it!

◇ We each have a lot of talent within in us that we are destined to share, give unto others and be willing to share.  Our stories unfolded for others to see are much better than a book that is not opened and sits on the shelf unseen.

◇ Being willing to wreck your whole world to provide someone else hope and possibly even joy will be the biggest reward for any goal you want to achieve.

◇ You are not in this alone, find a support group whether online in the form of a bunch of fellow dreamers, or a group of men that sharpen each other spiritually at lunch every 3rd Friday. Whatever the source find a mentor, a sounding board. It makes things easier and will make you feel a little less crazy when you want to change jobs or change the world.


In 2014, we all enter it unknowing of what the future holds, whether we will have a job, medical coverage, another war, another natural disaster.  We do not know anything that will happen in this coming year except what we set out to make happen. Rather than making empty promises on New Year’s Eve, if we do some deep soul searching and truly believe that 2014 is our year, each and every one can and will make it so.  Worry less and pray more, open the door to the New Year with great expectation and deliver on the promises rather than the resolutions.  Happy New Year to each and everyone may it be filled with blessings, health, friendships and revelation.




Why SecondIron – what is in the name

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Proverbs 27:17 KJV

As a man, a christian, a husband, a follower of one God, I have devoted my life to sharing the love of my lord, the humbleness of the cross and helping others any way that I can.

SecondIron is based on the Iron concept that as Godly men, we cannot do it alone and we need other men (or iron) to sharpen us on our path as warriors for our families, communities and society. The Second is a blending of living second to Christ, the full acknowledgement that if we put God first in our lives everything from our family, friends, career, school, and everything around us will fall into place.

I, like many of you come from a broken past and have a hopeful future. Instead of dreading each day as a burden that chains me, I treat each day a blessing that molds me. I am a avid reader and seeker of mentors and mentees. I live my life by sharing wisdom born from experience, both of my own and that of those that have come before me.

It is my hope that through future musings, book reviews, music analysis, opinions and ultimately being open and honest with each other we will take many travels through our journey in becoming better followers. Becoming bigger inspirers and humble givers in our communities that begins the ripple in the fabric of humanity and leaves our world just a little better than we found it.

I welcome you to join the discussion, the more interactive the journey is the more sharpening will occur. Please feel to share and subscribe as periodically there will also be opportunities for freebies for the loyal iron out there like books, ebooks, music and the like. Looking forward to sharing and building a community of God fearing, iron sharpening, second to one leaders across this country and beyond.

– CJ